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Terms and Conditions

Thanks for checking out our portal. We invite you to read this Legal Disclaimer before using our website. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have question regarding our current policy at the following e-mail: [email protected]

The following terms set forth the correct use of the documents and information published by Grupo Daabon in its webpage. Stakeholders and all those interested in our group may visit our webpage.

The following terms and conditions must be reviewed before visiting the webpage, as the first mentioned obligation.


The interested party or user may use the contents according to the legal parameters set forth in the national and international regulation. As a corollary, according to what has been stated, it is totally forbidden to copy, distribute or amend any content herein included. Moreover, it is illegal to enter classified company data or documents through fraudulent tactics, using passwords of exclusive use or any similar action.


The Grupo Daabon (“Daabon”) abides by the privacy right of the visitors to this website and complies with all the applicable laws on data protection and privacy. In this sense, as a reflection of the importance we assign to the trust placed on us by our employees, customers and third parties that share their personal information, it is in our own interest to protect the privacy of their personal data, which is why we commit ourselves to adopt the present privacy policy.


When using our website or providing personal data, you authorize us to obtain, use and disclose your personal data according to what is specified in this Policy. Should you not authorize to obtain, use and disclose your personal data as set forth in this Policy (and according to the Declarations on privacy of websites or applicable country), do not use the Daabon’s website.


There are 2 ways in which we can obtain information from you when you access and use the Daabon’s webpage:

  • Information provide by your web browser:

    Daabon obtains information sent to us from your Web browser. This information usually includes your IP address, the name of your operating system, type of browser, among others.

  • Information you provide voluntarily:

    This refers to information voluntarily provided by the visitor to this website, as for example the name, address, area code, e-mail address, among others.

    Daabon uses this information for the purpose you provided it for, as well as for commercial use, such as customer service, fraud prevention, market research, product and services improvement, among others.


Your personal data will be stored in the Daabon’s data base or in any data base maintained by our service providers. Most of these data bases are stored in servers located in Colombia.

Daabon uses reasonable protection to guarantee the confidentiality, security and integrity of your personal data. However, we can’t guarantee the security of data provided through Internet and we will not assume any responsibility whatsoever regarding any security violation outside our reasonable control.


Our website may include links to third party’s internet sites. These links are provided for information and/or services purposes. In this sense, Daabon does not control these Internet sites and is not responsible for its content, security or privacy. We urge you to go over the privacy policies included in these websites before using them or before providing your personal data.


Daabon is not into the “spamming” practice. This refers to the action of sending non-requested e-mails or text messages to recipients. Therefore, do not expect that type of actions from us.


We reserve the right to use or amend this Policy anytime without prior notice, by means of the publication of its revised version in our website. In case of amending this Policy or any other, the amendment shall only apply to the personal data obtained after publishing the Policy or the amended declaration in our website.