Sustainable and transparency leader in the world

Social Management Plan

Human Beings for Peace Project

Promote the recognition of the different types of intimidating behaviors and the negative effects they have on people and relationships.



Support the transformation and enrichment of training programs and learning spaces in official educational institutions to help increase the possibility of self-employment.


Training in organic agricultural production for children and young people of the IED Buenos Aires and School of Music and Art for children.


Food Safety

Train women in the small-scale production of vegetables and aromatics, for self-consumption and commercialization.

Environmental Management Plan

Environmental Management Plans

Control and monitoring tools for good performance.

High Conservation values

Are those areas identified as sensitive in the cultural and / or environmental field.


Greenhouse gases

We measure our emissions footprint so as not to contribute to climate change.


Every day we learn about nature and its interactions.

The first certified palm producer Rainforest Alliance

In Daabon we are nature lovers. We were the first organic palm oil company to be certified sustainable by the Rainforest Alliance. Our operations meet and exceed the environmental, social and economic criteria established by the Rainforest Alliance.



HCV, HCS and FPIC integrations for new developments


Total reuse of by-products

Climate change

Resilience strategies in our crops.


Contributions of our experience to improve the profile of the certifications.

CDM (Clean Development Mechanism)

It is a project that captures the methane gas that is produced by the organic waste from the palm oil extraction process. The wastewater from the extraction process is deposited in larger pools; which, in turn, are covered with tents to facilitate their driving to an industrial infrastructure created to take methane and use it as fuel.

Supply chain

Traceability tools

It is the way to ensure our origin, our responsibility over the product; from its origin to the market.

Geographic information system

Where we are, close to our people, close to our producers.

Corporate Citizen


Fundeteq was created to contribute to improve the living conditions Mill and plantations workers of C.I Tequendama S.A.S located in the north of colombia in Magdalena, Cesar and Guajira departments. In addition, contribute to develop communities near to our influence area.



Flotraban was created to contribute to improve the living conditions of the workers of banana plantations of C.I. Samaria S.A.S. located in the northern area of the department of Magdalena and Guajira. In addition, the development of communities located near to our influence area.


Fundación DAABON

DAABON Fundation has as its main objective to execute projects and actions for social and economic improvement, in favor of the communities located in the areas of influence of the companies that make up the Group.



Promote the inclusion of people with Down syndrome and cognitive disability in all areas of society.


Fábrica de sonrisas

t is a non-profit organization that promotes and manages specialized health care actions for children, through processes of Integral Rehabilitation of patients with congenital malformations of Cleft Lip and Cleft Palate