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New packing plant ready for fresh fruits exports


By: Carlos G. Reyes Movilla – Director of Certifications

 Over the past four years the DAABON Group has ventured into the production of Hass avocado, sugar mango and other tropical fruit varieties for export, in order to meet the demands of consumer markets for fresh fruits produced in and exported out of Colombia.

In accordance with the above and complying with Colombian tax requirements through the Colombian Agricultural Institute (ICA), the group built its own fresh fruit packing plant. These facilities were built following international phytosanitary agreements signed by Colombia with Japan, the USA, the EU, Korea and the Republic of China. The ICA reserves the right to audit and certify the enlistment sites (selection and packaging) of fresh fruits destined for export.

The new packing plant is located in the Las Américas Free Trade Zone (ZFA) and is managed by Superlogistics (a DAABON company). It is equipped with offices, warehouses, a reception area for fruit operations, an air conditioning room with automated washing, treatment, classification and selection of the fruit by weight, as well as a cold room for storage of packaged product. Semi-round fruits such as Hass avocados, citrus (limes and oranges), mangos and passion fruit, among others, are selected and packed.

The packing plant is now ICA authorized for the preparation of Hass avocados destined for Europe and the US. The last authorization pending is for the Japanese market, but the process is already in its final phase and is expected to be granted approval soon. Following Japanese certification, and when necessary, the permits for Korea and China will be processed. ICA approval for the selection and packaging of sour lime (Tahiti Lemon) is in currently in process.

The packing house has been granted organic certificates in accordance with the standards of Europe, Japan and the USA.