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Daabon’s newest production facility: DAMA 6 Providing an alternative to cocoa butter for chocolate applications


By: Alfonso Abondano, VP of Projects 


A blend of palm oil fractions and certain exotic fats (shea nuts/butter and some stearin, illipe nuts and butter, sal seed oil and stearin, mango stearin and kokum) this combination is not only chemically equivalent to cocoa butter, but is more economical. Such products have come to be known as Cocoa Butter Equivalents, or CBEs.


DAMA 6, a state-of-the-art mid-fractionation plant (currently under construction), will become the first plant of its kind in Colombia and one of the largest in the western hemisphere. This plant will not only have the capability to produce cocoa butter equivalents, but also an infinite number of fat combinations for different applications in the confectionary and bakery industries. In 2022 Daabon will begin to supply new combinations of specialized fat ingredients to our global customers which will facilitate the production of new products.


This project has certainly not been a small undertaking.  It has required additional infrastructure to support its operational needs, plus complex logistical planning., Daabon has been working for the past five years to expand our capabilities to support the completion of this innovative and cutting-edge facility.