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A Commitment to Planetary Sustainability


By: Carolina Torrado, Director of Sustainability.

At DAABON we are proud of who we are; leaders in the production, processing and marketing of organic and sustainable products such as palm oil, bananas, coffee and avocado. Today, our pride and commitment to planetary sustainability has been advanced by being part of "The Climate Pledge"; which currently brings together more than 200 companies from various economic sectors at a global level, determined to turn the climate crisis into climate action. The pledge is to meet the objectives of the Paris Agreement 10 years ahead of schedule, that is, reaching zero carbon emissions by 2040.

At DAABON, commitment to sustainability is part of the group's business culture and history. It is an essential part of its corporate principles: Respect, Integration, Sustainability and Love. DAABON’s sustainability journey started in 1991, when it adopted an organic production system and, later, a sustainable management model. The group is governed by Sustainability standards such as the Rainforest Alliance (2007) and RSPO (2010), and has established a strategic environmental management system with the following objectives:

Convert agribusiness and other logistics operations to sustainable methods by using resources more efficiently and promoting the adoption of clean and environmentally sound technologies and industrial processes. Specifically:

·       Zero use of chemical and dangerous agro inputs

·       Considerably reduce the generation of waste through prevention, reduction, recycling and reuse activities, as a Circular Economy strategy

·       Ensure the protection and sustainable management of the biodiversity present in our fields

·       Considerably increase the proportion of renewable and clean energy in the set of energy sources

·       Raise awareness among workers and other collaborators regarding care of the environment

In 2021, multiple ongoing projects highlight how we are achieving our objectives to meet our carbon reduction commitment. These include:

·       Elogia Logistical Solutions (previously named Elogia Soluciones Logisticast), a DAABON Group company specializing in cargo transportation, has recently acquired a fleet of 50 eco-efficient gas-powered trucks, which considerably reduce polluting emissions, including carbon emissions

Tequendama and Voltaje Empresarial received recognition from the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development, as well as the Regional Autonomous Corporation of Magdalena de Negocios Verdes, in the category of Carbon Markets, for their vital role in conserving the environment as natural capital for development of the territory and more sustainable economic reactivation

 Palma & Trabajo formulated the Climate Change Mitigation Project to optimize the wastewater treatment system (for reuse) of the Extraction Plant, which will allow us to capture carbon emissions and take advantage of biogas as a source of renewable energy

Within the framework of our Circular Economy strategy, the Program for the Management and recycling of used cooking oil was created, which allows a responsible closure of the life cycle of palm oil, in mutual agreement with the Association of Recyclers of the city, the Environmental Authority and Authorized Waste Managers. This program includes actions for proper management, collection, transportation and final use of used cooking oil, such as transformation of used cooking oil into biofuels. This translates into economic, energy, environmental and social benefits, thus promoting the participation of different public and private actors.