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What’s next in certification? DAABON’s implementation of the regenerative agriculture


By: Esther Meima, Sales Manager DAABON USA

DAABON maintains a strong commitment to working with 3rd party certification programs as a way to ensure that our stakeholders and communities have confidence in, and the opportunity to verify, our ethical growing and processing methods.

In fact, Daabon has been a trendsetter in obtaining certifications for our agricultural crops for decades. For example, we were the first palm oil producer worldwide to achieve organic certification. And in the years since then, we have often collaborated with non-profit organizations such as the Rainforest Alliance to develop and support additional certifications to advocate for responsible and sustainable production methods.

The Rainforest Alliance certification for palm oil was established more than ten years ago to support ethical palm production that protects both natural resources and human rights. As the first certified organic palm oil grower to achieve this certification, Daabon has deeply valued our partnership with the Rainforest Alliance to promote sustainable palm production.

However, in 2021 the Rainforest Alliance announced that it will be phasing out its palm oil certification in order to focus on “smallholders in key productive landscapes.” Daabon is sorry to see the program be brought to a close, but we will proudly maintain our Rainforest Alliance certification until it officially ends on December 31, 2022.

At the same time, a new and exciting certification program has been gaining recognition—the Regenerative Organic Certified™ (ROC™) standard.

Daabon is thrilled to be collaborating with the Regenerative Organic Alliance to add this important new certification to our portfolio. ROC™ seeks to “repair a damaged planet and empower farmers” by focusing on three key categories: soil health, animal welfare, and social fairness.

Founded in the United States by leaders in sustainability, ROC™ has quickly been gaining notable recognition, featured in articles by various renowned publications such as The Washington Post, Forbes and Vogue.

Daabon is actively in the process of attaining this certification for our organic palm oil products, and we expect to finalize our ROC™ status in 2022. We look forward to joining a growing community of forward-thinking producers, retail brands, and policymakers to support the goal of creating a “healthy planet with thriving people” through regenerative agriculture.