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The Rebirth of Organic Mountain


Nurturing the future

Our story began over a thousand years ago with our ancestors, the Tayrona people. They were the first to cultivate the land at the steps of the lush Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, the Organic Mountain, using sustainable farming methods that looked to the future and benefited the whole community. These methods inspired the birth of our brand in 2002, when we began exporting sweet bananas and smooth coffee from Santa Marta to Tokyo. Shortly after, in 2004, our Sydney office followed suit by bringing panela and coffee to Australia. Since then, Organic Mountain has been available to consumers via independent retailers across the Asia-Pacific region.

In 2017, Daabon Organic Australia (DOA) rebranded and expanded the brand. This meant that we needed to reconnect with our ancestors, the Tayrona people, to hear their message and bring it to a world in need of sustainable food. After a year of rediscovering, engaging, conducting research and attaining the requisite certifications, we relaunched the brand. This rebirth, as we called it, not only brought a new face to our brand but also expanded what was once a four-product range in to a 20-product range over six categories; beverages, sweeteners, grains & flours, baking, oils and snacks.

Slowly but steadily people’s diets are changing. Consumers are increasingly conscious of what they are eating and are questioning labels and ingredients in terms of their health, environmental and ethical implications. The rebirth of Organic Mountain is a clear statement that Daabon wants to be part of this conversation. Having sustainable, vertically integrated supply chains, organic certified products and supporting social projects, we have the tools to bring the right products to market the right way.

The world is a little bigger than it was when we first launched, but our mission remains the same: to support local farmers and their communities. This is why we strive to work directly with farmers and not traders. We seek to partner with companies that support the social projects that directly benefit the lives of farmers who are working to promote sustainable agriculture. This is why we want to show exactly where the money from each purchase goes. We aim to accomplish this by providing full transparency in our supply chain and by giving the consumer access to our sourcing regions. To this end, we have created a tool on our website called trace your difference, which allows you to search any batch code and look up the origin of the product, so you can be assured of where your food comes from and which local social projects you are supporting.

The relaunch was marked on 25th May 2018 with a cooking event at the kitchens of Vive Cooking School. Our staff enjoyed a day of hands on cooking in teams of two led by our lovely chef Jodi, who taught us just how delicious organic food can be. We made a grilled chicken, chia chimichurri, quinoa and kale-rocket salad, topped with wild black rice, followed by our own quinoa fettuccini from scratch! Yes…quinoa pasta! This, was then lightly and quickly cooked with zucchini, spaghetti, garlic, lemon and chili. To finish, we made a stunning and delicious chia seed & orange cheese cake, which was a huge hit.

Our launch event was promptly followed by the production of a video showcasing the organic desserts created by our very talented pastry chef Tiffany. From the ultimate chocolate cake and lemon chia tarts to panela glazed quinoa doughnuts and a sticky banana pudding, the Organic Mountain team managed to bring to life a dozen culinary ideas. We are happy to be able to share all the recipes and videos with you on our website: www.organicmountain.com.au .

Our relaunch in 2018 also saw us visit Melbourne for our first trade show.  After this successful first entry to market we look forward to participating in two more large scale trade shows; Naturally Good (Sydney, 2-3 June 2019) and Fine Food Australia (Sydney, 9-12 September 2019), so do be sure to pass by our stand to try our delicious treats and discover the sustainable world that Organic Mountain has to offer. See you in 2019!