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Summit 2018: Daabon Group Corporate Synergies


In September 2018 the annual Daabon Summit was held in Santa Marta, led by Daabon’s CEO, Mr. Manuel Julian Davila. The Daabon Summit is a space for education and strategic commercial alignment among the entire Daabon Group. In this edition, the central theme was corporate synergies; that is, in addition to the integration that exists between the parent company and the international offices, there must also be strong integration between the various international offices, in terms of business units and customer service, to better serve a globalized market.

In order to give the necessary importance to the topic, Daabon, through the University of La Sabana INALDE Business School, utilized the Case Study methodology (developed at Harvard University) to standardize the framework for action of the company among its international managers. The executive education program was held for three full days in the areas of marketing, branding, human resources, strategy and leadership with more than 30 people. Cases from world-renowned companies that have set a precedent in very complex organizational dilemmas were analyzed over the course of the summit. At the end of the event, key action items for continuous improvement were identified.

One-on-one meetings were also held in between the Departments of Sustainability, Quality, Production, Marketing, Finance, Exports and Presidency, with each of the regional managers to discuss the outlook of their markets and the strategic alignment to the global targets. In 2019, Daabon’s top management plans to develop more interaction in between the international offices and follow up on the commitments identified during the 2018 Summit.