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Daabon USA continues marketing efforts


As part of our ongoing efforts to provide comprehensive marketing support to our customers, Daabon USA continues to collaborate with industry leaders to generate new resources to help you share our story with your stakeholders.

Given that palm oil is still making headlines around the world, with environmental organizations and consumers increasing public pressure to ensure that habitat destruction and other social issues often linked to conventional palm production are curbed, we understand the importance of being able to clearly communicate your “sourcing story.” 

The Daabon Group has invested decades (and tremendous capital) into developing and maintaining a truly sustainable palm oil production system, with sophisticated metrics related to all aspects of the process—everything from selection of new land for planting, natural pest control, and the creation of an energy program to become carbon negative. Our program has been globally recognized for its high degree of corporate transparency (still ranked #1 worldwide by the London Zoological Society’s SPOTT tool), and in addition it offers full traceability to the farm level, which is rare in the palm oil industry.

Daabon also continues to look to the future—seeking other ways to innovate and maintain its status as a trendsetter in the sustainable palm industry; investigating opportunities such as new technology, additional initiatives for support within our local communities, and new developments in organic agriculture. And yet, because Daabon’s sustainability program is so complex, it can be quite difficult to summarize everything we do into an easy-to-share format and truly share this story in a way that people can quickly understand.

In the last few years, Daabon USA has been focused on creating various resources to help you share this information more easily, and to give your clients, employees and the public peace of mind that your palm oil is sourced responsibly and sustainably.

In 2018, Daabon USA completed the development of a new website and a series of videos about our company, our production process, and our sustainability program. In addition, we created a series of tools such as a webinar, various infographics, and a Buyer’s Guide to support food manufacturers and other palm users.

In 2019 and beyond, Daabon USA will continue to collaborate with well-established marketing companies to develop even more innovative resources to help share the sustainability story of Daabon, in all of its different aspects.

As part of this year’s marketing efforts, Daabon USA has added a Marketing Coordinator to our team, and we are also entering into the world of social media—educating North American social media influencers to help share our story more broadly, and creating a regional Instagram account to support our headquarters in sharing updates and relevant facts for our English-speaking audience.

To access Daabon USA’s various marketing resources, please visit Daabonusa.com or follow us on Instagram at @Daabonusa.