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Daabon UK & Europe teams are strengthened


Daabon welcomes Jan Wels who will be managing key synergies across Daabon UK & Europe. Additionally, we also welcome Sven Dai Landshöeft to the Daabon Europe team in Germany. Sven brings a wealth of expertise in the global vegetables oil industry as well as the highest understanding of customer needs in Europe. The company is planning to consolidate its operation in the continent and to adjust to the changes post BREXIT. Daabon reported an increase in sales in the last financial year for Europe, and is concentrating all its efforts on meeting its objective of adding value and maintaining its position as a leader in the organic and sustainable markets.

Jan Wels was born in Germany and has extensive experience in senior roles in the UK, Germany, Spain, France, Brazil, Argentina and Colombia. He was hired following a competitive interview process and due to his experience, skills and ability to perform effectively in the position.

“We have a big opportunity and challenge in front of us; to embrace changing consumer behaviors and develop innovative products for our customers as well as growing and diversifying the Daabon EU Business Unit” says Jan Wells.