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New Strategic Approach to Comprehensive Management and Excellence for Samaria


C.I. La Samaria SAS ended 2018 and started 2019 with a new efficient, effective managerial and technically-focused administrative approach. Its productive and financial components aim to empower the new management structure based on the strengthening of its two strategic areas of business located on the Caribbean coast—Magdalena and La Guajira.

This idea of comprehensive management arises from the idea of combining management results for two areas with the same crop and under the command of the same company, but with independent realities due to their different social, productive and agroclimatic characteristics. We have linked La Guajira and Magdalena organizationally with each other, respecting their conditions while adding value through administrative synergy. This highlights the importance that each function to complement each other by launching and adopting strategic factors focusing on solid standards of quality and mirroring the consumer market, which allows C.I. La Samaria SAS to produce optimal results.

The process of empowerment is focused on the business strengthening of the two directors of agricultural operations that manage these productive areas.  The leadership works through effective communication via management of self-directed groups, replacing the mechanistic and rigid managerial structure with a new structure:  a structure where the participation of each and every one of the leaders of each process are an active part of the administration and control of the corporate management of the company, and therefore, of the Daabon Group as a whole.

In relation to the company’s reason for being, such as its productive operation with various efforts in search of optimal results, an increase of 20% of the consolidated production is projected for 2019. This will be achieved by continuing what was executed at the end of 2018 through activities, operations and the management in general of the technical-administrative team. This projection results in a production of 2,100 boxes per hectare and a total of 1,019,155 boxes out of 18.14 kg.

Likewise, and with the purpose of advancing in the process of continuous improvement of the quality of our product, an investment of 851,900 banana bib units was carried out in 2018 for the protection of fruit by from ultra violet rays. This will undoubtedly guarantee to offer the consumer a product with the highest quality standards of the international market and, of course, with this process, a significant decrease in shrinkage is projected, which in the end will result in a growth in the organization’s finances.