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Daabon’s acquisition in the UK: Soapworks Ltd


In April 2018 Daabon’s first acquisition in the UK, of Soapworks Ltd, was completed. Soapworks is the UK’s largest soap manufacturer, based in the Easterhouse area of Glasgow, Scotland.

Soapworks’s relationship with Daabon goes back more than 10 years, as the company has been one of Daabon’s customers of soap base during this time. Coincidentally, Manuel Julian Davila, CEO of Daabon, had a casual meeting with Soapwork’s founder Anita Roddick during a sustainability conference in Asia, but who could have predicted that the two business leaders that bonded and shared the same company values, philosophy and vision for sustainability, were going to be united so many years later?

Soapworks was founded in 1988 in one of the most deprived areas of Glasgow, where employment was almost non-existent. Since then, the company has had a huge part to play in the regeneration of the area. Over recent years, the company faced significant operating and financial pressures, as a result of which it was clear that the business would need to change. The risk of not doing so would undoubtedly have resulted in its closure and the loss of approximately 120 jobs.

Daabon’s investment ensured that Soapworks is in a much stronger position. Not only is the business now financially secure, but it has also become the first soap manufacturing company to have a integrated and fully traceable supply chain – from soil to market – with all the unique characteristics of Daabon’s sustainability credentials, including RSPO IP/NEXT, Rain Forest Alliance, POIG and KOSHER.

 “This acquisition offers new opportunities to grow the business, Daabon’s investment will allow Soapworks to diversify its product range and to expand internationally, The Group will work towards providing longevity for the business and employees, while maintaining the values of its founder Anita Roddick, that have been in place for 30 years” says Manuel Davila CEO of Daabon.