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Daabon Invests in Quality and Innovation


With the goal of enhancing greater quality, safety control and assurance, as well as promoting R&D of new products to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations and requirements, Daabon has invested in the construction of a new laboratory at C.I. Tequendama Refinery. The laboratory, which is due to be completed in 2019, will support the development of various activities in an efficient and safe manner.

The new facility will have three main areas designed to optimize processing times of various analytics. The first will be used for physicochemical analysis, while the second for microbiological analysis, with a clean and isolated area to ensure proper controls (complying with Good Laboratory Practices) and the third for product use and application center, to improve efficiency and new product development.

The lab will be equipped with the latest technology for facilitating specialized analysis of fats and vegetable oils, such as gas chromotography coupled with a mass detector for analysis of glycidol ester (GE) and 3-MCPD compounds, as required for export to European and North American markets.

The lab will also house Lipid Quant B5 equipment with the latest FT-NIR technology, which has been developed to complete different phsyicochemical analyses of fats and vegetable oils, allowing for expedited results and reduced consumption of reagents. This, in turn, will help minimize our environmental footprint as it limits the production of chemical residues that would need to be disposed of.

The laboratory will enable Daabon to offer a higher guarantee of quality for our products by optimizing the time and resources required to complete the analysis process, as well as supporting ongoing process improvement.

In order to ensure ongoing innovation, a dedicated area for the R&D department is also being planned, which will support work on new products, and improvement of current products, to meet the needs and requirements of national and international markets, enabling Daabon to remain competitive and identify new opportunities for growth.