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2018 was a great year for Daabon Japan


By the time this article is published, hopefully, I will have completed my first year working at Daabon Organic Japan Co. Ltd. When describing this experience I have to use the words Bill Gates used in defining his expectations about the future….I am an “impatient optimist.”

It is a great honor to represent Daabon Group and Colombia in this part of the world, and to be part of the reduced number of companies with Colombian roots that have a permanent presence in Japan…of which there are in fact only two, making it a double challenge that we are more than happy to undertake.

Contrasting the competitive advantages we have as a global group, together with the experience and track record developed by Daabon Organic Japan Co. Ltd since its creation back in 2001, and particularly the trends in this exciting region, it’s not hard to visualize opportunities to try to envision the ingredients necessary for success.  First, as a local team, we must share a common vision for the next three to five years, aligned with the vision of our headquarters. Thinking too long term may not be sound provided the dynamism of the Asian markets. Making small adjustments to the roles each one of us plays, establishing clearer responsibilities and objectives, and at the same time providing the necessary tools, empowerment and rewards to the team, are other essential ingredients. Most of the objectives we pursue have already been achieved by other international offices, so enhanced networking and connection with these offices worldwide and our headquarters is fundamental.  

Even after one year of being part of Daabon Organic Japan Co. Ltd, and several years after my first contact with the Group, I am learning new things every day.  My Japanese colleagues, who have opened their minds and hearts, and have proven their extreme patience towards me, have been true agents of change. I am sure their contribution can transcend frontiers.

Japan is a unique market and the whole Asian neighbourhood is quite active and will probably continue to be over the next 30 years, so we must think regionally. While some of our business is in a mature stage in Japan, others are just starting in neighbouring countries, like Korea or China.

“Impatient optimism” means believing better things will come and being impatient for them to do so.