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New Strategic Alliance between Free Trade Zone Tayrona and Daabon


The Free Trade Zone Tayrona – Zona Franca Tayrona (ZFT) – is the strategic ally for sustainable businesses in the Colombian Caribbean, promoting global initiatives that operate in a declared territory with privileges and special rules that offer customs, tributary, logistical, commercial, and exchange benefits, among others. Located just 12 km from the port of the city, and 5 km form the Americas Free Trade Zone, ZFT has 100 hectares for its development, serving as a bridge to foreign trade, an activity that undoubtedly boosts the economy of our country. Likewise, the object of the company extends to other sectors, such as the commercialization of warehouses, lots, construction and design of projects.

We currently operate as one of the most important Free Trade Zones in the region. Our investment exceeds $37 billion Colombian pesos ($11.7 million US dollars), allowing us to advance rapidly with large projects, generating more than 2,900 direct and indirect jobs. We currently have 20 users from different sectors who perform foreign trade operations that benefit from the free trade regime.

In order to create strategic synergies that strengthen the city and the region, we have joined the Daabon Group, who is the main integrator of the logistics chain and business development from Santa Marta to the world. With this integration, ZFT expands its portfolio of services, with the aim of achieving the satisfaction of the needs of the clients in the same way it achieves the realization of beneficial projects for the growth of a coastal city with commercial potential, such as the Pearl of America. This marks a competitive advantage in the industrial sector in relation to other cities in the country, through the innovation of our services.

Thanks to the benefits of this strategic alliance, Santa Marta will certainly become an important logistics epicenter of the Caribbean, promoting multi-modalism, foreign trade, generation of clusters in the logistics, food, metal-mechanic, automotive and health sectors. These investments will help to pave the way to maximize the development of the region, strengthening our connections with the world.  For more information visit our website at www.zonafrancatayrona.com