Social, environment, children politics and industrial and physic security of DAABON

Corporate Governance

This is our governance style

Corporate Board

The maximum corporate governance level of the Grupo Daabon is the Corporate Board, conformed by Davila Abondano family members, which in turn hold position, such as CEO and Vice Presidents.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors become opportunities in which its members make and analyze decisions related to the conducting of activities framed within the Board’s guidelines.

General Managers

Each Daabon’s company has a manager in charge of adopting decisions of administrative and technical nature.

Department Directors

Company’s departments become support units to the general management in areas such as: Environmental and Social Sustainability, Safety and Occupational Health, Human Development, Certifications, Foreign Trade, Physical Security and IT.

Authorized Agents Directors

The marketing strategy designed by the Board of Directors is developed through the different authorized and direct and permanent contact is always kept with the customers.