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SPOTT, an achievement turned into tradition

SPOTT, an achievement turned into tradition


By: By: Carolina Torrado, Environmental Manager 

Despite the difficulties that arose during  2020,   we   managed to   stand   out   by   remaining in SPOTT´S top three companies, being considered the second-best company  in  terms  of  transparency in the production of sustainable oil palm. Without a doubt, this  is  a major achievement given that SPOTT evaluates more than 100 palm oil producers, processors and traders of all levels. This result motivates us to continue working to maintain the excellence  that  characterizes  us.  We will launch initiatives to address the areas for improvement that SPOTT has highlighted,  in  order  to  obtain a better result next year and further promote the name of our city and Colombian agriculture.

Palm oil has been our passion and that passion is reflected in the constant improvement of our processes, always framed in responsible and sustainable growth. Our growth has been achieved by properly managing environmental, social and governance risks. This work resulted in our SPOTT ranking as one of the top companies in the world, as of six years ago, a product of the efforts of our people, standing out year after year as industry leaders.

The  history  of  DAABON   Group has been full of challenges and achievements that place us at the forefront in what is our reason for being; our  people  and  their  land. For this reason, we will strive to continuously improve our sustainable practices in agriculture, processing and trading of palm oil to remain at the vanguard of the industry.