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A year to remember #PaLanteDaabon

A year to remember #PaLanteDaabon


By: Luis Martinez, Communications Assistant Daabon Group

2020 began quite normally at DAABON Group. It started with high expectations for growth, with internal and external development initiatives and budget ambitions. Although our radars are always on to track movements in all the different territories we work in globally, we were a long way away from predicting the impact that a virus on the other side of the planet would have on our lives, until suddenly the world was paralysed.

More than 100 years of existence has given us the capacity to understand that crises are a reality that are repeated and must be faced. The main thing in times like these is to accept the uncertainty and use the experience of each area, and the leadership of our wisest members, to navigate the panorama. Analysing the situation step by step and seeing how to mitigate the threats and take the opportunities that each crisis presents, is critical. At DAABON Group we decided to first  preserve the safety and integrity of our people. After creating a support network for our employees we focused on external actors; suppliers and customers, honouring our commitments and taking steps to help those who needed it most.

Taking care of our internal and external clients

In this area we focused our efforts on the departments of safety & health at work, human resources, corporate communications, marketing, IT and labour well-being, to guarantee a safe space for our teams, adhering to the measures stipulated by the national and district governments. The creation of a crisis committee made up of individuals from these departments allowed us to monitor and react in real-time by identifying the necessary biosecurity measures according to the reality of each business unit.

The creation of extensive audio-visual material made possible the  delivery of constant information on adopted biosecurity measures. The development of monitoring tools enabled spaces for hand washing and disinfection, as well as control of schedules and virtual assistance that enabled working at home. These are some of the measures outlined in the #PaLanteDaabon campaign.

Honouring commitments made

Thanks to the commitment and responsibility of our employees, who were rigorous with the completion of our established deliverables, we managed to fulfil all of our commitments with our customers. It was essential that we did not stop operating as our products and services constitute a fundamental tool in fighting COVID-19.

This was our 2020, a year that through a crisis situation gave us the opportunity to grow, and reach another level of responsibility, solidarity, leadership and responsibility.