BioSC S.A. was created with the purpose of being a contribution to the reorientation of the global energy supply using renewable sources. The scarce energy reserves and the tremendous climate changes, are the contributing factors in the environment in which the company arises. This makes part of the solution with the production of biofuels from palm oil.

Biodiesel, environmentally friendly fuel that is derived from the vegetable oils, is used in blends with diesel fuel in different proportions for feeding diesel engines without requiring changes of engine adaptations.

BioSC S.A. is linked to the RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil), which is the global initiative on sustainable palm oil, which was formally established under Article 60 of the Swiss Civil Code, in April 2004.

This nonprofit organisation has representative of the most important participants in the supply chain of palm oil: from the growers, processors, traders, consumer good manufacturers, retailers, banks, investors and NGOs that defend the environment, nature conservation and social development. The RSPO is a unique platform fro pragmatic cooperation to help increase the use and sustainable production of palm oil.