Davila Biobananas 2.0: on the road again

Davila Biobananas 2.0: on the road again


Santa Marta is a banana region of excellence; its climatic conditions, soil, and sunshine are ideal for producing excellent bananas. But that alone would not be enough to produce the best organic banana exports if DAABON did not take advantage of these optimal natural conditions using today’s most modern technologies for production, packaging, quality control and logistics. The quality of DAVILA BIOBANANAS is a result of unmatched experience in the region, starting with logistical operations in the field which include highly qualified staff coordinating dayto-day operations between different farms and significant efforts from workers, technicians, agronomists and quality inspectors throughout the banana production process.

Today visitors to CI La Samaria’s banana farms note new farm management programs that involve a comprehensive quality rating for each bunch of bananas to ensure that product specifications meet even the highest quality standards. This situation is a direct result of heavy investments made in each farm to mitigate climate change and to establish a quality unequaled in organic projects. The “maturity” of this program has also resulted in several certifications addressing environmental, social and food security issues that match the philosophy of the DAABON Group. Weekly shipments following loading programs for each client are carefully coordinated between the production team and the export department, with the day’s harvest and specifications for each market clearly defined. It is worthwhile to note that Santa Marta is strategically positioned in the best port in the Caribbean, in an area protected by hurricanes and other meteorological phenomena that affect other banana zones. As we celebrate the 25th anniversary of the historic DAVILA BIOBANANA this year, a newly restyled box is a vivid reminder of Don Alberto Davila Diazgranados, a true pioneer in banana cultivation who supported all of US.v