Processes For Quality Assurance Are Standardized

Processes For Quality Assurance Are Standardized


The goals of C.I. Samaria S.A.S. for 2015, were reached: meeting the increasing quality and sustainability standards for the international market (the United States, primarily); considerable sales volume increase of Japanese market and the reopening of the European market. This approach is a step forward to consolidate a corporate management that has targeted the production of an organic banana fruit with gourmet qualities.

We have have invested great efforts to achieve maximum efficiency in agricultural processes, harvesting, post-harvest and quality assurance. Our agricultural management made this possible; we have maintained and improved our Control for Agricultural Practices and Materials (CAPM) which include follow-up work, strict evaluation and detailed care fruit from harvesting to selection and packaging. In the packing plant, the use of lined trays, washing and mechanical drying of clusters was included. It was possible to standardize all processes, including criteria of Organic, GLOBALGAP and Rainforest Alliance certification.

Achieving this progress is also the result of having a trained and committed company workforce. We believe that 2016 will be a year of strengthening the business management system we have implemented; which will recover planting areas, further increase sales volumes and maintain the quality required by our customers.