Terlica S.A.S. As a strategic partner and neighbor to Daabon’s new port concession

Terlica S.A.S. As a strategic partner and neighbor to Daabon’s new port concession


A total of 225,137 tons is the volume of cargo movement registered by the Terminal de Graneles Liquidos Del Caribe - Terlica - during 2015; 12% more than what was mobilized in 2014. Such figures show increase in efficiency and its consolidation as a strategic unit for DAABON, in its liquid bulk warehousing capacity. The year ended with a record for the national palm oil industry: a load of 22,700 tons of vegetable oil bound for Rotterdam; a shipment so far made only from ports in Southeast Asia. For this year, we expect to reach the goal of 300 thousand tons; this projection is based on the growth of the national vegetable oil market, both for human consumption and biodiesel; fundamental reasons for the company Board of Directors to decide an expansion plan to its installed capacity of 45,900 cubic meters. The purpose of Terlica is to be known as a high efficiency bulk liquid terminal connected to the deep-water banks of the Santa Marta Port and the production and consumption centers of Colombia, through a robust national road network and the capacity to load and unload ships exceeding 400 tons/hour.

PORT CONCESSION: A NEW DEVELOPMENT By the name of Sociedad Portuaria Las Americas, DAABON is developing the new area of maritime concession: a port to serve vessels in the range of HandyMAX to PanaMAX. The area will have the capacity to handle ships over 210 meters in length for loading and unloading bulk liquids. The efficiency of this port will ensure the direct arrival of the ships to dock
using the window method; once the ship is ready, loading and/or discharge equipment are designed to work at a rate exceeding 1,000 tons / hour.
Terlica will be the main strategic partner of Sociedad Portuaria Las Americas by providing support facilities, onshore storage tanks, loading area for the loading and unloading of trucks, warehouse, weighing station, administrative offices and workshops for equipment maintenance, among others.