Tastes of Organic from Colombia

Tastes of Organic from Colombia


On September 11, 2015, the Colombian Embassy in Tokyo held the event Ryunique by Colombia, an organic food tasting event, hosting a famous chef from Korea, chef Tae Hwan Ryu.

The evening began with a welcoming speech from the Colombian Ambassador Mr. Alejandro Posada Baena and the Executive Representative of Pro Colombia Japan Mr. Hiroshi Wago Rojas. Then a few short videos were shown to the guests highlighting the importance to increase the Japanese organic and sustainable food market. Following these videos, the CEO of DAABON Organic Japan, Leon Van Houwelingen explained how DAABON values and plans to engage the Japanese market. The evening continued as the guests were escorted to a different room with a beautiful enormous dining table decorated with a variety of exotic Colombian flowers which then proceeded to the main event, degustation of organic food from Colombia.

Guests were served with a full course from chef Ryu, using Colombian organic products in his famous dishes. DAABON contributed, organic bananas, palm oil, and coffee, which were beautifully performed in all dishes. As chef Ryu elaborated his masterpiece, guests were fascinated how the products were used in every dishes.

Having a tempting and tasteful course, discussing and sharing wonderful information about Colombia and organic food gave more knowledge to the guests about the beautiful sides of Colombia and more knowledge of how organic food is and should be the future. As a result of the event DAABON Organic Japan received a generous exposure on Gurunavi’s website ( one of the largest restaurant website in Japan). Additionally, DAABON Organic Japan and our Organic Mountain Freeze Dry Coffee was promoted to it’s users in a promotion. This was later to be followed by exposure in a news paper and in the Japanese Health New a smaller industry targeted magazine. To all our readers our products can be easily found online in our Amazon store, at our partners Radish-Boya’s website and in AEON and Nisseikyo shops around Japan, so head over and try your best recipe.

Organic Confit with “Sima Aji” Cucumber with foam pickled vegetable and “umi budo” green herb Puree; The hard tail fish called “shima aji” is marinated with the organic palm oil with other vegetables and sea grapes.
Main dish: Beef tender loin steak with black rice and sliced brisket, glazed “okura” vegetable topped with Colombian organic coffee powder and Colombian organic coffee mushroom sauce; the tender loin was marinated in palm oil for six hours to have its tenderness with the taste of organic coffee that matches the meat perfectly.
Dessert: Baked Kataiff, caramelized organic banana, Colombian organic coffee gel and raspberry ice cream; under the dessert was a lemon and organic palm oil sauce that gives a refreshing taste to the dessert.