To be number one on sustainable palm is an important achievement that brings the highest responsibilities

To be number one on sustainable palm is an important achievement that brings the highest responsibilities


There are so many things I want to share, but I should say that I have mixed feelings: sadness, because my father is no longer physically with us; but also happiness, to see our efforts from many years be recognized. Don Alberto Dávila Diazgranados is not with us to celebrate our FIRST PLACE ranking among large palm oil companies who also invest technical and human resources to achieve sustainability in their operations. But we know that he lives within each of us: within the members of the Dávila Abondano family and within everyone that is part of the work force that made this distinction possible.

Throughout all of the levels of the company, in each one of the departments, fields and jobs, a company like ours only has people that know how to cultivate good fruits: the kind that transform and then allow us to meet our clients’ needs. But also the kind of fruits that are part of another good harvest: the actions that go beyond our company and contribute to the improvement of living conditions, and to constructing a country with higher levels of social and environmental responsibility.

I would like to share with everyone that although the DAABON Group is a large family business, Tequendama holds the distinction of being the company where we took our first steps: not only towards converting ourselves into producers working with international markets, but as a family. The Tequendama farm is where our parents began to crystallize their dreams of recent marriage: we spent our first years living here, and we learned to appreciate life in the in fields. I don’t know how many of our colleagues at Tequendama who helped us ride horses and taught us to milk cows are still there today. I know that many of them are no longer with us because they reached the age of a well-deserved rest, but others are still here, because they continue to be a fundamental part of this great effort.

What neither they, nor we, could imagine was that one day we were going to be the best producers of sustainable palm oil in the world. It’s a moment that I would like to be able to record, but I am sure that all of us will remember the day that we received this recognition. Hopefully we will share this with our grandchildren and they will be interested in hearing the story, because from now on, one of our goals will be that the next generations see with pride, and are inspired by, what could be done with hard work and honesty. We keep this excitement of being NUMBER ONE in our hearts; we will continue to feel it like the first time that we heard the news that we would receive this distinction. May God watch over Tequendama and all of the businesses in the DAABON Group, while we keep busy continuing to deliver to the world the best products from our land.