Transparency and sustainability recognition, a milestone in our company’s history

Transparency and sustainability recognition, a milestone in our company’s history


Being recognized amongst the largest palm oil companies in the world, for our compliance with standards of sustainability and transparency; beyond being a compliance strategy to many standards, it’s a way of doing business and, specifically, of being good farmers. Higher sustainability levels are not achieved if the focus is to adopt a reference standard to generate a tick box verification, it is necessary to transform mentalities, take on new types of leadership strategies, strengthen relations with NGO’s and institutions and link the objectives to the workforce at all levels. Therefore, achieving any recognition represents a proud accomplishment for all its employees.

The evaluation was presented by the Zoological Society of London - ZSL - as part of the Annual Meeting of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) in Kuala Lumpur, we recognize that having our operations certified under this scheme; and the related traceability and segregation of products were key elements. However, we also acknowledge it is the result of adding many hours of work; commitment to other certifying bodies (emphasized on environmental, agricultural, social, security, etc.) for more than 20 years, and to be constantly evaluating and improving our management system. Fortunately for those who expect a dignified corporate behavior, companies are people who grow and mature in the process, they are incorporating a range of knowledge and practices that maximize efficiency. The comprehensiveness of the measurements that frame the ZSL’s SPOTT methodology confirms that our programs are equally the result of combining the corporate objectives to the ideal state of prosperity and good neighborliness of our internal and external stakeholders. Also, the result of analyzing the production units as open systems that both impact and are impacted by natural and social dynamics that take place on its territory.

These considerations, which drive us to consent our actions, to be transparent and accessible to populations around us, are the foundation of our sustainability standards. We were evaluated in seven aspects, requirements of the RSPO; areas for the cultivation, versus area dedicated to conservation; management of natural resources; protection of fragile soils; zero use of burning on soil preparation; reduction of Greenhouse Gases (GHG) and traceability of products; dimensions that are part of a production system based on principles of good agricultural practices, manufacturing and corporate responsibility with individuals and smallholders. Having achieved this recognition, the challenge is even greater; because we believe that no business dynamics that can be considered finished product: we are companies and persons in constant evolution; nor is it wise to think that the awards are points of arrival; on the contrary, they are starting points toward goals that fulfill the role that society expects of those who decided to support families and generate prosperity.