A Forward-Looking year from Italy DAVILABIOBANANO IS BACK!

A Forward-Looking year from Italy DAVILABIOBANANO IS BACK!


The most important memories are certainly in the early 2016, when we restyled DAVILABIOBANANO’s box. In that moment, we realized that we were launching the new box without Don Alberto’s presence (former Chairman of the board the DAABON Group). Thanks to his optimism model, we filled up this kind of emptiness trying to do our best.
Our team in Italy (ten people) have been carrying out different activities with the whole purpose of reaffirming DAVILABIOBANANA in Italy. We have visited clients, with the same humble attitude, and we have explained that “here we are, again”.

I would also like to mention CI La Samaria’s big effort: thanks to them we are reaching our targets. So, thanks to DAABON group’s corporate manager Mr. German Zapata’s institutional support, to CI La Samaria’s general manager Ruben Dario, to DAABON group’s production VP Mr. Juan Carlos Davila’s financial, conceptual and constant basic support. Further, I would like to point out that during the last commercial tour, Mr. Ruben Dario and myself combined hard work and key conversations about future strategies, for the launch of CI La Samaria 3.0 project.
Nowadays, we are closely working on expanding sales, empowering our affinity with each other, creating different kind of activities (not only concerning the market, but also sports and sociality) everyday.

We know the importance of history and of reaching aims: for this reason, it is not easy to celebrate this 20th anniversary, a pioneering banana brand anniversary, inside the complex organic banana world.
Finally, the Italy team would like to wish you CI La Samaria team a very happy and productive new year. In 2017, next to OrganicSur (from 1997) there will be another Italian company, F&F Europe (from 2004). F&F Europe will be a one more partner of DAABON in Italy with the aim of starting a new year celebrating our 20th anniversary together for work and for life.