Organic coconut oil from the pacific soil to the international market

Organic coconut oil from the pacific soil to the international market


Daabon Organic Australia (DOA) is expanding its organic oils portfolio by partnering with locals in the Pacific islands in a long term strategic plan to expand the production of both, refined and virgin organic coconut oil.

Daabon is linking and expanding the company’s international experience and dedication in supply chain management, ethical and sustainable production and organic management with the agricultural potential and pristine beauty of the Pacific region.

The commercialisation and marketing of DOA’s RBD coconut oil is a cornerstone of a collaborative publicprivate partnership, including some international organizations such as World Vision and Australian Certified Organic to assist in the organic certification of over 10,000 small coconut growers as an innovative approach to assist farmers in a region where organic farming is the culture and the norm, as well as to support the group’s commitment to deliver premium quality organic coconut oil from the soil to the market.

The project is an innovative approach to assist small farmers to measurably improve their economic, social and environment livelihoods. In order to verify the true sustainability of the product and the compliance with the group’s strict environmental policies, a team from DOA accompanied by DAABON’s sustainability director, Mr. Felipe Guerrero and a sustainability analyst from Rainforest Alliance, conducted a verification of origin as well as a basic gap assessment on the organic certified plantations of the region. This was done to identify any potential threats of deforestation and destruction of high conservation value areas or other unacceptable environmental practices; the audit focused on identifying not only on present risks but also on past and potential future breaches.

The conclusions from the visit where highly positive with Mr. Patrick Shane McCarthy, sustainability analyst for Rainforest Alliance, reporting that “Deforestation or environmental destruction linked to coconut production was negligible”. Mr. McCarthy also highlighted the high likelihood of achieving SAN certification if pursued as well as the positive opportunities for sustainable expansion and volume growth in the region.