The first RSPO symposium on Palm Oil held in Tokyo, Japan on September 27th

The first RSPO symposium on Palm Oil held in Tokyo, Japan on September 27th


The Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) Japan Day 2016 was hosted in Japan for the very first time at Tokyo International Forum on 27th of September 2016. Despite the limited time of the official announcement, a crowd of over 400 industry experts gathered at the venue. Daabon Organic Japan Co., Ltd. (DOJ), as one of the founding members of RSPO and as a sustainable palm oil producer, was one of the main sponsors as well as one of the main speakers at this event. DOJ represented by Manuel Alberto Davila, had the opportunity to speak about our story regarding the palm oil production and our involvement with the RSPO. Palm oil is used in many products from food to home and personal care products, and is an indispensable raw material for many businesses around the world, including Japan. While a sustainable approach in the supply chain (especially “sustainable procurement of conscious environmental and social aspects”) has become the global trend, much efforts have been made in Japan with little impact.

A key driver slowing the local market is still the price. For this DOJ continues its work educating consumers and clients about the necessity and importance of using sustainably sourced palm oil far from the price issue. The one-day event covered topics such as sustainability related to palm oil, supply chain certification, manufactures, retailers and NGOs. It also provided opportunities for participants to learn and understand what sustainable procurement of palm oil looks like, with specific case studies of Japanese companies and international companies, through panel discussions and workshops. It is important to encourage companies throughout Japan to understand the significance of considering a shifting to the usage of sustainable palm oil. We believe this event served as an occasion for participants to increase awareness on the matter and importance of sustainable procurement.

For more information, please visit: announcements/rspo-japan-day-2016 (RSPO official website) Quote from the event: “At the Daabon Group we are doing all that we can to ensure we do our part in respecting our corner of the planet. The RSPO is a crucial and important part of that fight against climate change and social justice.” – by Manuel Davila, Business Analyst, DOJ. Please refer to our Youtube channel “Daabon Organic” to view more on this event: