DAABON adds new certifications for palm oil

DAABON adds new certifications for palm oil


In October 2016 DAABON proudly announced the global launch of the first fair trade palm oil certified by Fair Trade USA, the leading third-party certifier of fair trade products in North America. We are incredibly pleased to partner with Fair Trade USA on this initiative. Fair Trade USA is a nonprofit organization that promotes sustainable livelihoods for farmers and workers, protects fragile ecosystems, and builds strong, transparent supply chains through independent, third-party certification. Its trusted Fair Trade Certified label signifies that rigorous standards have been met in the production, trade and promotion of fair trade products from over 80 countries across the globe. This new collaboration underscores DAABON’s continued commitment to producing high-quality food solutions for the global market using a model that supports and empowers our employees and our local communities. In fact, we have been working with the fair trade model for our banana production since 2007.

As a result, DAABON and our valued clients have supported several community projects such as the creation of various schools, optimization of communal energy grids and higher education subsidies for associated family members. Another new certification that DAABON added in 2016 was Non-GMO Project verification. Concerns over GMO’s (Genetically Modified Organisms) have been increasing globally, and consumers in North America have expressed clear interest in transparency regarding the use of GMO’s in the food supply chain. The Non-GMO Project is a “nonprofit third-party organization committed to preserving and building sources of non-GMO products, educating consumers and providing verified non-GMO choices.” DAABON’s natural and certified organic agricultural production practices are free of GMO ingredients and inputs, and therefore fully compatible with the Non-GMO Project standards. It is our hope that participation in this program provides a benefit to those customers who utilize the Non-GMO Project seal by minimizing time spent on documentation requests. Finally, we are also very pleased to announce that DAABON’s palm oil production facility, C.I. Tequendama S.A.S., has obtained SQF (Safe Quality Food) Level 2 certification.

This comprehensive program is recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) as verifying a high level of food safety throughout the production process. It represents significant financial and time commitments by DAABON leadership and the dedicated work force at the plant to ensure that strong food safety procedures are in place. The DAABON team has worked hard to ensure that we are at the forefront of important certification opportunities in the global marketplace, as we see great value in collaborating with nonprofit and third-party organizations to confirm and verify that our products are made with integrity, quality and safety, and we are excited to add these three important certifications to our growing list of external partnerships within the industry.