Say Yes to Good Palm Oil

Say Yes to Good Palm Oil


If you’ve heard of palm oil, you’ve probably heard it’s bad for the environment. The truth is that it doesn’t have to be. Our global need for food and food products increase substantially every year. There is always a need for more production. Unfortunately, the impact of unsustainable agriculture can be devastating for the planet: forests are cleared to make way for farmland – habitats destroyed, animals and insect species dependent on the land are wiped out and communities suffer as their land and water become polluted with chemicals and pesticides. Companies talk about the value of local farmers and sustainable farming whilst consumers are more educated and want to learn where most of their food comes from. Thus palm oil of course has been one of the ingredients at the centre of real concern from consumers, NGO’s and different stake holder of the food supply.

Palm Oil crops are incredibly high yielding making it the least expensive vegetable oil in the world. This, combined with its tolerance for high heat cooking and versatility as an ingredient in food to cosmetics, means that the world demand only continues to grow. DAABON Group understands the importance of palm oil for food production. We believe that if it is grown sustainably, palm oil production can benefit local communities, and help to protect valuable species and forests. By using sustainable practices, farmers can increase their income by making more palm oil from less land.

We not just pledge and advocate it, we are fully committed to be one of the key drivers of the sustainable palm industry. One way companies can foster trust is to be completely transparent on their approach and report progress along its journey. It is crucial that manufacturers worldwide can trace the palm oil they use back to the plantation and that those plantations meet strong standards. 13 countries currently have RSPO certified producers. Manuel Davila CEO of DAABON group says: “We believe the industry needs to keep momentum and to continue the conversation going about good palm oil, to ensure that this is the way forward”. We pledge to share best practices and encourage all companies to care. It’s the right thing to do - for people today, for social sustainability tomorrow and for prosperity. It’s our responsibility as palm oil producers. Let’s get some motion and support the #goodpalmoil campaign!