Human resources for a post-pandemic world

Human resources for a post-pandemic world


By: Alvaro Gomez, Human Resources Director

During  2020      we         experienced      an enormous     challenge;    facing              the uncertainty of a pandemic that transformed our way of life. The crisis caused by the uncertainty of the pandemic posed great challenges but also provided great opportunities, which transformed the way we work. This crisis generated a huge amount of organizational challenge, in which the human development team was a cornerstone in helping our leaders navigate such challenging times.

As I joined the organization I was surprised to see how DAABON was adapting to the challenges of 2020 and, in the middle of a pandemic, maintaining its organizational structure with excellent operational results. Really incredible! The Group was growing steadily in the midst of a global crisis, that is to say, facing the risks and taking advantage of the opportunities.

During these months and from the point of view of the organizational behaviour approach, I have also been pleasantly surprised by management’s capacity, the sense of belonging, the resilience and proactivity of the company’s human resources team. Taking advantage of these characteristics in our people is key to continuous growth, facing future challenges and international expansion. The demonstration of these strengths and the company´s ability to face challenges means that the human development management model must also evolve over the next three years. In order to maximise satisfaction of our internal and external clients, supported by good data and proper use of management indicators, we must focus on flexibility and adaptation to current and future changing environments, always guaranteeing our license to operate in the legal frameworks where we have, or envision having, operations.

The model the team will use going forward is based on teamwork, with a focus on the client and continuous feedback from the centres of excellence (COE) for talent, compensation & benefits / C&B, legal & well-being and transactional, as well as direct contact with our clients through our business partners. Our function is to become a constant support for our local and international businesses.

To achieve this strategy, all this real-time support will be leveraged on technology. The department will continue optimizing the DHR platform, which is integrated with other strategic platforms in the organization, such as SAP. Over the coming years this will enable other integrations and thus be a source of high-quality data in real time, which will facilitate decision-making by the leaders of the organization. This is essential in a reality as changing as the current one, which will surely be more challenging in the future.