New capability: high-speed bottling facility

New capability: high-speed bottling facility


By: Alfonso Abondano Projects VP 

During the year 2020, DAABON completed the construction of the fastest vegetable oil bottling plant on the Caribbean coast  of  Colombia. The equipment was manufactured in Italy and Austria, and is able to produce more than 8,000 bottles per hour in a fully automated packaging line, using the highest quality standards. With this new capability, DAABON is now able to offer packaging services for organic and natural oil products for brands and retailers.

The journey of getting to this point was not easy, the year 2020 was unique to say the least. However, the team was committed to fulfilling our customers’ expectations, to finally have the ability to deliver organic high-quality retail ready oils, with the highest safety food standards, in different sizes  varying from 900mL to 5L bottles. We look forward to working with many national and international customers from 2021 onwards.

Pleasantly impacted after my visit to Daabon Group, moment where I saw an impressive capacity to generate added value to their products. I found trade with export vocation, high value industry and  innovation. They are also generators of employment and impact on tourism, you are EXAMPLE with a capital E of the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, congratulations.” By: Jose Manuel Restrepo - Commerce, Industry and Tourism Minister of Colombia.