Solidarity with our people

Solidarity with our people


By: Luis Martinez, Communications Assistant Daabon Group

Leadership of the DAABON group is based on responsible growth, and part of that responsibility is reflected in helping those who need it most. We are aware of our position and the responsibilities it entails, and this leads us to activate our solidarity with our communities in these critical times. DAABON has dedicated time and resources to identifying the most affected sectors and target aid immediately. Not only in our areas of immediate influence but across all corners of the department of Magdalena, even answering calls for donations in other regions of the country, such as Puerto Wilches. This work wouldn’t have been possible if it weren’t for the integration and support of foundations and public & private entities, among which we highlight Unidos por Santa Marta, Prosperidad   Social.   Furthermore, we have worked with other palm oil extractors in the region in order to send aid to our brothers in San Andres and Providencia, who have been affected not only by COVID 19 but also by the passage of Hurricane Iota. We are DAABON, we are proud of being Samarians (people from Santa Marta). This is why we know that today more than ever, those of us in the leadership positions must unite to face COVID-19, the most vulnerable need our help, solidarity must prevail.