Summit 2020, a different meeting

Summit 2020, a different meeting


By: Reneta Uribe - Marketing Manager Daabon Group

An event full of challenges, knowledge and integration, fundamental to the success of the DAABON Group.

2020 has been synonymous with challenge in all manner of ways, and for the organizers and attendees of SUMMIT 2020 it   was   no   different.   Despite   the   circumstances posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the third meeting between DAABON headquarters and the international offices was successfully held. The event developed in a hybrid way, whereby some of the guests were connected virtually and others attended in person, in full compliance with the rules imposed by the national and local government. For four days global company leaders shared knowledge, via the implementation of a flexible schedule given the time differences, and guaranteeing that everyone could connect simultaneously. It was a challenge, but it was very positive for all the teams to be able to interact on issues of fundamental importance and interest to the group.

The first session was led by Dr. María del Pilar Noriega, who led a broad R&D agenda, including intellectual property and innovation (presented by Dr. Marco Alemán), precision agriculture (presented by Dr. Markus Eisenhauer and Lucien Hoffman), biomass as an opportunity to generate energy, and the future of palm (presented by María del Pilar Noriega). During the second session we had the pleasure of hearing guest speaker Matt Dunsmoor talk to us about the importance of long-term leadership with a talk called “The Infinite Game.” The third session entailed presentations on the advances in the CRM tool by Daniel Arenas and Reneta Uribe. The fourth session involved another international speaker, Mark Weyland, who introduced us to the topic of the stages of palm fractionation. Lastly, and as a central axis, our president Manuel Julián Dávila presented us with the global vision of the group to align all the eams towards the same vision for the coming years.

The fact that we managed to successfully hold SUMMIT 2020 despite the significant logistical challenges posed serves to motivate us to hold more meetings in this manner. Additionally, we hope the whole team can meet at the end of 2021 in person.