Sustainability as a corporate bet

Sustainability as a corporate bet


By: Victor Cabello, Construproyec Manager

Technology without voluntary guidance has dismantled the idea that the interests of entrepreneurs and businesses are compatible with the desire to take care of the planet and its natural resources. To achieve true harmony between business and protection of the planet and its limits, will is essential.

Construproyec is a company dedicated to integral logistics, which began operations in 2010 with the aim of harmonizing its operations with the care of the environment. Currently, the company has focused its efforts on two projects that in the medium and long term will strengthen this commitment to the environment, thus achieving sustainability in the development of our businesses: a transition to transportation based on gas vehicles (and other clean energies) and rail transport.

In relation to the first, that is, the use of gas vehicles (and other clean energies), Construproyec acquired one (1) gas- powered tractor-trailer vehicle, as part of a pilot project focused on establishing, among other things, the vehicle’s behaviour on the different roads in our topography. In our opinion, in order to be able to focus our efforts and investments in a definitive conversion, it is essential to confirm the hypothesis that transportation in Colombia can be done by gas or electric vehicles. The difference in Colombia with other countries is that most of our roads were built on mountains. If the pilot project is successful the Group will commit to the renewal and growth of our fleet with vehicles that use clean energy, starting in 2021.

The second project is rail transport, in which we have a special interest not only because of the positive impact it would bring to the country’s connectivity, but also as part of the commitmentto reduce our carbon footprint. The objective is to offer different transport and logistical alternatives, mixing different energy sources and always looking to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. In relation to this project, and since 2018, we have studied the viability of joining the railway operation from Santa Marta to La Dorada, for which we have reached agreements with important logistical players such as Fenoco and Maersk. In December 2020 we received authorization as a railway operator from the Ministry of Transportation, and during 2021 we hope to commence a pilot operation. In the medium term, we aim to promote imports and exports through the port of Santa Marta and the vertical integration of the Group’s logistical assets.

During 2021 Construproyec will continue to build confidence in the country, to invest in its economic development, and to seek harmonization with the natural environment.