New branch in South America: the birth of Daabon Andina

New branch in South America: the birth of Daabon Andina


DAABON Group, pioneer for agricultural projects in tropical areas since 1992 decided to venture directly into Peru. This year, one of the many challenges of DAABON Group has been to continue in consolidating organically certified raw material sources for various subsidiaries in 4 continents which have common requirements of authenticity and traceability to inform our customers on the origin of different productions and workers as per our advertising slogan “from the soil to the market”. Manuel Julian says about it “The decision of “landing “directly in Peru comes from a global vision of the Group where we are beginning to consider climate changes as a relevant factor. This requires the construction of a complete and geographically diversified network with respect to “sourcing” of raw materials of quality that can meet the needs of our clients who, as from two decades, see DAABON group as a reliable and consistent provider all the time.

Peru is a country with many contrasts and infrastructure frailties, where the economic development occurred in recent years has not filtered yet through to the base of farmers working the land; then, it will be our role to provide, from our technical support group, sector expertise supported by a local staff as we have been always convinced that our projects should have local populations as protagonists. We are aware that this will be long and with obstacles but we are very happy to develop it not just thinking today who headed the group but thinking in the “third generation”, which no understand resign, already looks strong in our family business horizon”. The DAABON Group is creating a two-sides structure with an internal office in the productive heart of Valle del Chira, in complete synergy with the company NASAM (www.nasmartin. com) located in Sullana, and DAABON ANDINA (legally constituted since 11/14/2014) operational headquarters in Paita port to create a local working group that gradually reach the same standards that each DAABON site handles.

A full synergy exists, in fact, between the Peruvian staff of DAABON Andina and DAABON AUSTRALIA headquarters and soon also DAABON USA, DAABON JAPAN and other DAABON offices will begin the process of integration and development through a direct connection within sites independently from Santa Marta headquarters. This is one of the future goals “a dialogue within each site to reach an active and developing mechanism for a sustainable business all the time”. Alberto Pio concludes “The Northern Peru offers a huge amount of potential agronomic crops showing us that semi desert areas have a huge potential. Our main interest are Andean grains but also to enhance local traditional crops such as organic rice, organic banana and exotic fruits that have a high international demand. I am pleasantly surprised of the climate of this geographical area that, at only 4 degrees to the equator, has an enormous potential for organic agriculture. It will take time but I’m pretty convinced we will develop nice projects in these lands”.