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With the concept of “BIOPlant” our new refinery began operations in late 2015; this milestone marks the new area of refining palm oil for DAABON Group, and consolidates our downstream infrastructure as the largest in Latin America. With a capacity to process up to 460 thousand tons of crude oil per year it is the also the first installed with principles of eco-efficiency: reducing and recycling the use of water and use of renewable energies.
The increase in refining capacity will allow the processing of larger volumes of palm oil and palm kernel oil as raw materials for the production of palm kernel stearin and palm olein, identified as high demand products in the local and international markets.
Project planning and execution took five years; time during which, research on technologies and trends were appointed to ensure company position at the forefront of high-efficiency production processes. With this new plant, designed to process oil at very low temperatures and in conditions of almost absolute vacuum, DAABON is yet again able to deliver oils that preserve the nutritional and organoleptic properties and freshness in a process that increasingly reduced the time between harvesting and obtaining the final desired-stage product.
The plant will feed from a Combined Heat and Power generation system that will allow significant cost savings and environmental benefits. Increased processing capacity has gone hand in hand with the consolidation of the organizational structure of operational and technical areas; thus, we are able to meet the demands of customers who require high quality products and specialty blends.