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Certified Organic and Sustainable Soaps & Cosmetics


Caribbean Eco Soaps S.A.S. is a privately owned soap base & glycerin manufacturer based in Las Americas Free Trade Zone complex located in Santa Marta, Colombia. It’s the first and only Colombian manufacturer of soap base “noodles” produced from Organic & RSPO-IP palm oil. Both plants are constructed with Mazzoni LB technology.
The palm oil is produced from independent smallholders associated in 5 Coops and 3 associations located in the Magdalena department. All smallholders fully owned their land and are organized in cooperatives to guarantee a fair income; they are RSPO certified and some of them are even organic certified. More than 400 associates account for 2000 community members.
The oil is extracted and processed in RSPO SCCS and fully segregated sites; located short distance from the soap plant, this structure is vertical integrated and 100% traceable. We offer Identity Preserved soap base, or any other downgrade available: Segregation & Mass Balance.
The supply Chain is fully traceable; smallholder’s harvest the fruit bunches and conveys them to an owned and operated centralized collection facility. There is a full traceability system in place. The crude palm oil is then extracted at the extraction plant and refined at the refinery. The refined oil goes through a saponification process at soap plant. The finished products, Organic Opaque / Natural RSPO Opaque and Natural Opaque soap bases are then packed in 900kg PE big bags or in 25kg PE sacks which are then stored at our warehouse to be shipped would wide.
Agricultural Sustainability is a crucial factor in farming efficient and rational water usage program, soil preservation practises, areas of biodiversity enhancement and shelter, nutrient cycling using compost, integrated pest control management with native biological benefits are all taken into consideration.
Sustainable profit is our objective to create and increase value providing competitive returns, meeting customers’ needs, generating prosperity and contributing to overall economic development.
The plant’s capacity is 48MT / day of Opaque soap base and 24MT / day of Translucent soap base. We are proud to mention that Johnson & Johnson Colombia & NATURA has chosen us to be their partner by supplying them RSPO/SG soap base. We are also able to manufacture custom made specifications.
SOAP BARS CUSTOM MADE: By March 2016 the NEW soap bar plant will be operational which we will offer the service to manufacture your private label soap bars. Our laboratory is fully equipped where we work closely with our customer’s ensuring all products are formulated to the required standards. The focus point is the need and wish of the customer. We offer 90g and 125g bars in flow pack or paper wrapped. If you have an idea you would like to develop, “Just Contact Us!” Organic / RSPO-SG / Natural Glycerin USP: Next to the soap plant we have a glycerin plant as well. We obtained the organic glycerin through the saponification process of the organic soap base. All of the organic glycerin is exported to Europe and the United States of America. The natural glycerin is obtained by refining the crude glycerol which is a by-product of the Bio Diesel. The plant’s capacity is of 260MT / month. Our glycerin is USP & Kosher certified.
NEW GLYCERIN PLANT Early March 2016 a new glycerin plant will be inaugurated with a production capacity of 2400MT / month.
Caribbean Eco Soaps your partner in Care!