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DAABON Commitment with GoodPalmOil


“We are delighted and humbled by the SPOTT score card results, they are indeed an endorsement and reassurance to our clients, consumers and industry stakeholders. Nevertheless sustainability is a journey and we are constantly working towards improving and proving that #goodpalmoil is possible.” Says Manuel Davila CEO of the DAABON Group.
DAABON Group keeps its leading position on the Transparency Toolkit (SPOTT). The Group was ranked #1 sustainable supplier in 2015 with a score of 92.9% and continues its position in 2016 with an improved score of 98.3%. Transparency is one of the eight principles of RSPO certification, but publicly available information has long been lacking in terms of producer operations. ZSL developed the Sustainable Palm Oil Transparency Toolkit (SPOTT) to collate disparate public data and encourage companies to become more transparent, in order to monitor and manage issues relating to unsustainable practices.
Transparency assessments for palm oil producers
ZSL’s SPOTT features 50 of the world’s largest palm oil producers using publicly available information focused on their sustainability practices in their operations. ZSL selected 50 companies based on their market capitalization, land area and nominations by SPOTT users. SPOTT uses the company’s assessments to inform from who they procure from, how they engage with and invest in oil palm growing companies. SPOTT generates percentage scores for each company based on their performance against best practice indicators across seven categories, including reporting to the RSPO standards, availability of High Conservation Value (HCV), social and environmental impact assessments, policies, procedures on land acquisitions, gaining informed consents, pesticide use and greenhouse gas emission reductions among many others.