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The European Union proposes a new organic standard


One of the phrases that best describes the reality of the organic market growth and stable share in the industry is the one authored by Mr. Dacian Ciolos, European Agriculture Commissioner: “the success of the organic relies not on subventions but on the trust of the consumers”
Unintentionally, this statement is in direct correspondence with DAABONs postulate, who prefers to invest great efforts to achieve certified processes (with over twenty visits annual audits) – multidisciplinary approach, but complementary - to give the customer peace of mind of having purchased a product obtained in clean and responsible agro-industrial processes.
At a time when the European Union (EU), pioneer of organic principles, aims to introduce changes in their standards to tighten the requirements of integrity and quality of the certified product is gratifying to note that for more than fifteen years, DAABON be made available to its customers; with the conviction to respond to the higher concepts of organic production.
Its efforts have been directed to standardize and formalize their production processes, framed on principles of social and environmental responsibility, with solid economic viability criteria. DAABON began to transform the management of their agricultural land in organic production spaces, while still no standards or organic products available in the market. The entrepreneurial vision was once advanced, the level of demand for its executives was very high and the goal was always the same: customer satisfaction.
Undoubtedly, there will be many convergences between the objectives of DAABON and new perspectives of updates on the implementation and enforcement of organic standards in Europe; because it is secured on the same principles processes; although as a company, we have a road traveled and achieved some goals.