The Daabon Group recognises the need to manage and develop sustainable production process, guided by the definition of sustainable development adopted by the Brundlant Comission: " Development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs."

In that purpose, we have identified and made it a priority to be transparent and accountable, hence we have decided that our actions should be verified by independent observers and certifiers with audit bodies that can give us better effort to achieve the highest standards in environmental, social, employment and socio-economic management. This also represents the presentation of structured information in order to achieve transparency and share with pleasure all our actions to our stakeholders.

Sustainability Department

The sustainability department is a support unit for the administrative Vice-president and strategic development which extends transversely to all companies inside the Group. This department consists on two areas, environmental and social management.

The objective of the environmental management division is to ensure the integration of production processes to the natural dynamics of ecosystems, leading to the existence of productive areas with areas conservation interest or restriction. Also, this area is intended to provide the necessary guidelines for the economic development of the Daabon firms move forward in the regulatory framework established by the environmental laws, the authorities in the same sector and international covenants signed by the firm or company, by way of voluntary action. It is also a priority to establish environmental management plans to prevent and/or mitigate undesirable environmental impacts.

The purpose of the social management division is to help companies within the Daabon Group with their workers and their families, through this linkage, human growth opportunity and live condition improvements are at reach. Similarly, their performance is related to the creation of an atmosphere of good neighbourly relations with the communities located in the area of influence of the production units. Hence, their programs are relevant to the search for social and economic alternatives for those who inhibit the areas closest. Overall, its purpose is to get companies to contribute to the enhancement Daabon's people who one way or another take its influence. Lastly, this area is also responsible for directing the processes of care and consultation to the territorial expansion of the Daabon Group.

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