Our Philosophy


The Daabon Group endeavours to cultivate, process and market high quality organic and sustainable products, based on an ongoing process of farming innovation and corporate policies to ensure the welfare of our employees, protecting the environment and economic returns.


To be globally recognised as a leading company in the production, processing and export of organic and sustainable agricultural products, with the highest standards of quality and innovation, customer satisfaction, human development of employees, workers, communities and financial consolidation of our business units.

Corporate Values:

All activities, in all the dimensions involving the agribusiness, within the Daabon Group are oriented from the following corporate values:

Consideration towards ourselves, towards other and towards our surroundings, accepting and appreciating differences.

Ability to assume the consequences of our actions in fulfilling the commitments and working competencies acquired in a personal and working groups level to direct them towards the achievements of corporate goals.

It is understood that efficiency is achieved when fewer resources are used to achieve the same goal, or conversely, when more goals are achieved with the same or fewer resources.

It consists in giving the due to each person, according to their needs, merits, abilities or attributes.

Behaviour of a person to keep the highest fidelity.

The value of solidarity is manifested in recognition of the common good, the meaning of a successful life for all.

Process of encouragement to help other to pursue certain objective.