Global Pact

In 2010 we voluntarily subscribed to the Global Pact, with goals that compromise efforts in all our production processes and logistics that makes it possible. The application of the principles of this agreement were reported as follows:

  • Human Rights:

    It was adopted as a strength of corporate governance, a protocol was established as a prerequisite for expansion of projects involving the physical area of presence in new territories, the development of processes of care and consultation with communities and institutions presence in the place of expansion.

    It created a supplier audit process that allow us to verify the protection of human rights on people and companies that sell or provide services to Daabon companies.

  • Industrial Relations:

    In order to stimulate the dialogues between workers and the governing boards of each of the companies, it was encouraged within a group of collaborators in the Daabon companies, the creation of working committees. By regulation, these bodies meet on a monthly basis, in events which, the presenters of the administrative departments attend as guests. However, the company maintains a program to strengthen the capacity for dialogue and negotiation of the committee, through the areas of Social and Human Development Management.

    We kept the SA 8000 certification by the transparency with which we handle social and labor relations; fully adjusted to Colombian law and international treaties and signed by the country in this area.

    In 2010 the child worker policy was pass forward, as a way of formalising, exhaustively, in all Daabon companies, the directive does not involve any minor or link them in any kind of work, except in the case of students requiring labor internships as part of their training, provided that they are mediated by a learning contract and are audited.

    A complants and claims procedure was created as a tool for continuous improvement, for both relations with workers and neighbouring communities.

    Recruitment through the cooperative has been terminated. All Daabon employees are hired directly through Daabon with an indefinite term.

  • Environment:

    We were certified in our organic agricultural production processes with a tradition of eight years.

    In 2011, we were the first palm oil extraction plant to assemble and launch a biological treatment system for effluents, in the framework of the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) of the United Nations.

  • Anti-corruption:

    We returned to the Standard BASC certified as a company that develops a secure supply with the necessary control to prevent the smuggling of weapons or narcotics.

  • BASC:

    It is an international business alliance that promotes safe trade in cooperation with governments and international organisations. It is incorporated as a nonprofit organisation under the name "World BASC Organisation" under the laws of the State of Delaware, United States of America.

    Daabon voluntarily decided to be a member and meet the requirements of BASC since 2000.

    As members of BASC our production and logistical processes are rigorously controlled to prevent contamination of exported charge, with any illegal contraband.