Ethical Code

Shareholders, employees, customers, suppliers and contractors at the Daabon Group are governed by an ethics code that invites you to share philosophy based on respect as a structuring element of business relationships.

Commitments with employees.

Each task that is assigned is assumed to be done with the required quality and on time. Provided that we all think that the company is and will be, what those who make part of it, make of it.

Honesty must be maintained in all business relations or prevent us from using the office or linking the company to the procurement of benefits or advantages to oneself.

Our team members may feel free to make known, any respective situations that may put their personal interest in conflict with their job performance of their duties.

They always have the option to talk to their superiors or to make their claims, complaints or suggestions be known, established and communicated, before taking the decision to perform or induce others to make comments or take unfavourable attitudes regarding their own colleagues, shareholders, contractor, customers or suppliers.

We want anyone which enters Daabon to accept this ethical code and corporate commitment to make your stay in our team to become a valuable life experience and human development opportunity. It will be the only way to allow us to share the pride of being part of this great entrepreneurial effort.

Commitments of shareholders.

Make the necessary investments to achieve a fulfilment of their social and economic objectives with an act of high degree of responsibility; this effort has to respond to the ethical values and principles that we have found throughout this ethics code and corporate commitment, as the maximum corporate behaviour guidelines.

All actions of the Group's shareholders at Daabon, develop within commercial good faith and transparent investment. There is no reason to not know the origin of the resources that make life possible and growth of the company, which in all cases and circumstances, will always be a recognised by the Constitution of Colombia and the laws of our country.

Commitments to suppliers, customers and contractors

We know that every business relationship is mediated by the formality of the contract and that it depends on the achievement of the objective of the parties involved, therefore, the first and foremost consideration at Daabon with suppliers, customers and contractors is a faithful comply with the contract provisions.

We also understand that event in the midst of the clearest transparency, there is the dimension of confidentiality. So, our customers and suppliers can be sure that confidentiality regarding the information that only concerns and interests them, will remain with the responsibility and it deserves.

Each of our customers and suppliers deserve an honest and loyal treatment, because to them, we owe much of our business success.

We expect our customers, suppliers and contractors, ethical decisions and professional corporate relations, because we are convinced that the best agreements are achieved between parties who are identified with the same scale of values. Therefore, we decline to make or maintain any type of transaction or contract with individuals and/or companies that incur or permit, complicity or pleasure, that act in violations of human rights, labor rights compliance, physical or psychological, forcible or intimidation, including acts against morality and life.

Commitments to the State

The Daabon Group complies with the laws and regulations in Colombia and in countries in which we conduct business relations. Hence, its shareholders, employees, customers, suppliers and/or contractors assume responsibility for:

  • Farming all its activities in strict compliance with laws, regulations, and other regulations and general provisions issued by the competent authorities.
  • Not to accept request from a client, supplier or shareholder, when it is known or reasonably suspected that the purpose is to evade the laws or regulations with Colombian laws and/or in the other countries in which we conduct our business relations.

Commitments against money laundering

Daabon prevent your business from being used to hide or handle proceed of unlawful activities, therefore, its shareholders, employees, customers, suppliers and contractors comply with procedures adopted by the company to prevent conducting business with people linked to laundering of assets, terrorism and drug trafficking.

In case you discover that a shareholder, supplier, customer, employee or contractor develops activities of one form or another, that can be categorised as pone to crime or criminal act, the situation must be brought to the attention of the competent authorities.